Bristol Maid is a family owned manufacturer of hospital furniture and equipment from its large production facility in Blandford, Dorset.

Since its origins and founding in 1953 the company has grown to serve customers across various sectors including hospitals, prisons, doctors surgeries, the military and many others within the public and private healthcare sectors, both in the UK and overseas.

Plato Video was commissioned to produce a promotional video for Bristol Maid which detailed every step of its in-house production process including sales, design, manufacturing, assembly and dispatch. Central to this was the need to detail the quality, pride and professionalism that goes in to each and every one of its products.

Over several days at the Bristol Maid facility, we meticulously captured each stage of their manufacturing process. Working in a range of challenging environments meant creative shot planning was required to represent the best of each step in the process, while being mindful of our need to minimise disruption. Our film gives a unique insight into the processes and team behind each Bristol Maid product. Watch the video below.

It was fascinating to work with Bristol Maid and capture life within a major manufacturing facility in the UK, which contributes to the every day items we all see in any given hospital or medical room environment.

The team behind the scenes couldnā€™t be more helpful in getting us some truly unique camera positions, and so ensuring our video was the very best it could be.

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