Since 2013 we’ve worked with the Dorset Plane Pull, a charity event based at Bournemouth Airport with a challenging twist. Teams of 20 pull a fully serviceable Boeing 737 airliner a distance of 50 meters in the fastest time possible.

We create the official highlights film which is used across social media not just to reflect on the event but also to promote the next one. Each year we try and shake things up a little and do something different to make it as engaging as possible. But there are only so many faces and sound bites that can be featured in the space of 120 seconds. 

So we introduced individual team videos, which features their pre-pull interview, the pull itself and the reactions afterwards. Branded panels are added above and below the standard 16:9 video to create a square format, ensuring that they fill as much screen space of a mobile or tablet device, regardless of whether they are held in the portrait or landscape mode. 

The panels display the team name, the charity they supported and the time they pulled the aircraft in. 

This is a simple but very effective concept which keeps the conversation going either immediately afterwards or spread out over a period of time in the build up to the next event. Tagging the team and charity to each video enhances the likes, reactions and shares across multiple accounts on social media.

This type of highlights video works great with any team / endurance event.