The annual Bournemouth Air Festival never ceases to amaze with it’s incredible displays from world renowned pilots and aircraft. In 2018 it was turned up a notch and for the first time featured a jet suit display team. Gravity Industries, founded in the UK by inventor Richard Browning, brought their latest fully operational jet suit to wow the crowds packed across Bournemouth’s beaches.

The GREAT Britain Campaign, promoting the interests of the country all of the world, have partnered with Gravity to promote the innovation within and what could well be the next frontier of human flight. Hence the campaign heading Innovation is GREAT.

Plato Video was tasked with creating a 60 second video of the jet suit display to promote these technological advances and show how far the team at Gravity have come in developing the jet suit, which has been demonstrated at events around the world.

Pre-shoot we developed a storyboard with the fantastic team at Bournemouth Tourism to ensure we could get the access and shots needed to capture and deliver the video. All aspects of the flight needed to be included, from suiting up and firing the engines, to the flight itself, ending with touchdown and photos with fans. Here’s the result:

Capturing the very spectacle of a human in flight with nothing other than miniature jet engines attached to each arm was certainly a highlight of our work from 2018.

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