Event Video

Event videography is a fantastic and highly rewarding part of our job. Since 2013 when we produced our first official highlights montage for the awesome Bournemouth Air Festival, we have since worked with a number of high profile events, most notably the Bournemouth Wheels Festival, Dorset Plane Pull, Donington Historic Festival in the East Midlands and most recently the vintage themed Flywheel Festival in Oxfordshire. 

Event videos are a fantastic way of letting people know what’s on, either before an event, during or after. Our videos tend not only to show the action and displays that take place, but also the crowds and interaction / experience that comes along with it, and so it also serves as a highly useful took for attracting sponsors and media partners for a future event. 

We’re always looking for ways to improve our event videos and have a little fun with them at the same time, especially if we’ve worked with the same client the year before. Every event video we produce has a personal touch and a style that suits the theme and energy from the event. The editing style, effects and background music are all key ingredients to making this happen. There is never an easy ‘off the shelf’ template that works for us.  

Last year at the 2015 Bournemouth Air Festival we stepped it up a gear and brought along our GoPro and selfie sticks. The idea was not just to show the event from an outsider's perspective, but introduce a layer that doesn’t normally get seen – the people that make it all happen. Throughout the four days of the festival we offered several key people the opportunity to take a video selfie of themselves at work, including the official media team, programme sellers, pilots, patrons, stall holders and even the Royal Navy! 

This allowed us to create a video that offered viewers a brief glimpse behind what makes the festival what it is – the best Tourism Event in the country. It’s true what they say about the Bournemouth Air Festival – it’s more than just an airshow!

If you’re holding an event, big or small, we’d love to chat about how we can produce a fantastic video for you. Get in touch and send us an Email at play@platovideo.com