Product Demonstration Videos

We often get asked what the process involves for producing product videos, but the truth is there is never an ‘off the shelf’ method that we use. Some products are physical and tangible in the hands of the customer whereas others, like software and IT, are less so. Some will invoke a physical reaction when used and some are more about emotions and the experience you get from it. So one product video will be completely different to the next.  

Possibly one of our most unique clients for production demonstration videos is Marden Edwards, one of the world leaders in the design and manufacture of fold wrapping and packaging machinery. The videos we produce for their machines are pure demonstrations captured live. We use a variety of wide and close up shots to ensure we capture the machine as a whole as well as the key stages in the process such as folding and heat sealing, which are highlighting using text labels. 

We believe these types of videos go much further to what an animation or illustrative drawing can achieve as potential customers get to see a real demonstration of the product in action, which adds credibility and confidence in all of the marketing material that comes along with it. 

Below is a production photo of one of our latest Marden Edwards projects along with the finished video example. 

For more details about our product videos, whether like this one above or perhaps something different, please get in touch