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Viral Video: Boeing 747 Take Off from Bournemouth Airport

I love airplanes. Especially big jets! I’ve seen many fascinating visitors to Bournemouth Airport over the years including Concorde, the Lancaster, Sea Vixen, Red Arrows, and so many more. But on 18th November 2002 there was a sight I’ll never forget. I was stood next to my dad on the edge of Matchams Lane along with a small crowd of people who had stopped to see what was happening. We were looking west directly down Bournemouth’s Runway 26 where at the opposite end sat a Boeing 747 jet airliner, with engines idling awaiting it’s take off clearance.

Many large jets have visited Bournemouth over the years but this was the first passenger flight of its kind. Local travel agent Bath Travel chartered the aircraft for a short Christmas shopping trip to New York, flying direct from Bournemouth.

My dad never goes anywhere without a video camera, and today was no exception. He had the aircraft fully in the frame when its engines spooled up to begin its take off roll. As its speed rose with engines at take off power it kicked up a massive cloud of spray from the damp runway surface. Well past the halfway point, the 747 was still firmly on the ground, accelerating. For a split second, it looked like it was running out of runway, especially given the perspective from our vantage point. Even a bloke stood next to us on the video can be heard saying “he’s not gonna to make it!”.

Just before reaching the runway threshold, at what looked like the last moment, the aircraft pitched upwards and became airborne, passing over our heads just a few seconds later with its engines still screaming.

The resulting video has gathered over 8 million views on YouTube and we’re super proud to have it as part of our history!

Our office is based next to Bournemouth Airport on the Aviation Business Park. Its new owners, the Rigby Group, have promised a bold strategic vision for its future through its companies Regional & City Airports and Rigby Real Estate. We’re looking forward to many more exciting things (and big jets!) to come in the future.

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Charles Fynn