5 wedding video ideas you may not have heard of

By Harry Fynn

Harrys Wedding Films.jpg

Wedding videos are a fantastic way to reminisce over the events of the day. The wedding video production style, quality and budget are often amongst the main things to consider when choosing a wedding video company, but there are other, more unique options too that you may not have heard of. Here are 5 of them…

1. Cine Film

For vintage fans I offer wedding films that are shot the original way, on real Super 8mm cine film. I also offer contemporary video and film combination packages. 

2. Self Edit

Editing is a big part of my wedding video services but occasionally the couples themselves either might like to edit it themselves or simply flick through the unedited video file collection.  

3. GoPro

This is where you get involved. Grab hold of the selfie stick or wear one of my chest mounts and be as creative as you like, especially on the dance floor! 

4. Live Stream

Live streaming video is one of the newest and highly popular features on Facebook where anyone can simply go live through their phone. I can offer to live stream the video from your wedding ceremony to Facebook or YouTube for all your friends and family who couldn’t make it in person to enjoy. 

5. Bespoke Packages

If you see anything you don’t like in one of my packages or are looking for something completely different, ask me! Create your own wedding video package, from what you want captured to what gets produced at the end. 

All of the above are available amongst or in addition to my wedding videography packages. For more details have a look at my wedding video and vintage film pages. 

Contact me directly using harry@platovideo.com or 07557 448526. Alternatively contact me via my Facebook page