Innovation is GREAT

The annual Bournemouth Air Festival never ceases to amaze with it’s incredible displays from world renowned pilots, fast jets and aerobatics. In 2018 it was turned up a notch and for the first time featured a jet suit display team. Gravity Industries, founded in the UK by inventor Richard Browning, brought their latest fully operational jet suit to wow the crowds packed across Bournemouth’s beaches.

The GREAT Britain Campaign, promoting all the key interests for travel to Britain, have partnered with Gravity to highlight the innovation within and what could well be the next frontier of human flight.

As well as producing the official highlights wrap up film for the Air Festival we were also commissioned to create a short 60 second video of the jet suit demonstration on behalf of the GREAT Campaign. With help from the fantastic team at Bournemouth Tourism we developed a storyboard to include all aspects of the flight, from suiting up and firing the engines, to the flight itself, ending with touchdown and photos with fans.

It was a fantastic experience to work with Gravity and the GREAT Campaign. For me personally it was incredibly hard to keep the focus on the camera position without wanting to watch from my own eyes the very spectacle of a human in flight with small but powerful jet engines on each arm. How cool is that!

Charles Fynn - Director of Plato Video Ltd