The True Business Benefits of Video Marketing

Chances are you’ve probably already seen some business video marketing today, whether this was on TV, on a desktop or on your mobile. Video advertising is a hugely accessible marketing tool which can be tailored to its audience across various platforms and used not just to entertain but to interact and engage. 

By adopting corporate video production in to a marketing strategy, businesses are able to shout about their products and services in a whole different way, whether as an explainer video, blog post, product showcase, event highlights and much more. Taking advantage of video production enables a whole host of benefits that are there for the taking. Some of the more notable ones include:

Website optimised with Google

People searching for products and services that you offer may well have a better chance at finding you if a video of it exists. Google owns the video streaming giant YouTube, and so any video attributed to your business has the ability to feature in to Google search results. 

Tailor your video to an audience

It’s important to consider who you want your video to be seen by. Facebook offers you the opportunity to promote your page with a sponsored link featuring your video. You can also specify the demographics that you wish to target in your campaign and set a budget level that works for you. 

Enhance brand awareness

Video allows a company to speak directly to its audience using visuals, moving images and audio which are all vital to brand communications. 

It’s adaptable

Video can be adapted for any business and remember it isn’t always about cold hard selling. Shape the video around the message you want to get across. Be serious, be funny, be creative. 

It’s affordable

Video is a very affordable media tool to businesses of all sizes and so the benefits are no longer reserved for those that can afford the prime time TV slot during Coronation Street. All you need is the right video production company to get the job done. 

We offer a highly adaptable video production service and have experience in working across various sectors. See our promotional and event video pages for more details on what we offer. 

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