Event Video - The National Airsoft Festival

Blog by Charles Fynn

Me trying to blend in at NAF 2017! Photo by  Manicthing Photography

Me trying to blend in at NAF 2017! Photo by Manicthing Photography

Every year since 2007 Bournemouth based airsoft retailer, Zero One Airsoft, hosts the National Airsoft Festival in Ringwood, Dorset. It is now one of the major events in the airsoft calendar, and in August 2017 welcomed 2,500 players from across the country and Europe over its 3 day duration. 

Airsoft is often compared to Paintball but unlike marking their targets, airsoft guns use small BB pellets as ammunition, and are available as full scale replicas of real world weapons. Players take part in mock combat / military scenarios and win by not just shooting their opponents but completing objectives and tasks set by their team. 

Each year since 2014 I have produced the official film for this event, capturing all of the activities around the festival site including the camping area, shooting range, food and drink stands, the shop, and most of all, the airsoft action. When out amongst the players I always try to keep a low profile so as not to distract or give away their position to the enemy, but I like to get as close to the action as possible. It comes at a price as it’s impossible not to get shot in the process, regardless of how much hi-vis I’m wearing! 

Below is the official video of the 2017 National Airsoft Video which at the time of writing has already been viewed over 16,000 times on Facebook and will be widely used as an advertising campaign across the UK and Europe to promote ticket sales for next year. 

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